Saturday, November 8, 2008



~~ Nagu~~

Alone I sail in my boat,

Feeling the warmth of the sun and the silence of the moon,

Dreaming my life is full and goals are for fool;

Hoping to reach the horizon where my heart is full and life is nil.


Sailing under the rain and snow

Smooth and rough the sails go.

For the know and go,

I let my faith rest in wind


Music came in the darkest of nights,

and acted as knight for my fear.

Now and then, when doubts arise

I laughed out loud and clear.


Never came anyone with me

For this is a journey I take alone

I do not go in search of fun and pleasure but

For peace and leisure.


Sudden came the shake in my bed

I woke up with sweat in my head

My journey is too good to be true for

I chose an illusion to chase that ever is reached.

1 comment:

Someday's dreamer said...

life is a journey...
but you don't always have to be alone.
There are others who are traveling to,
also believing they're alone,
you have to just reach out,
to find someone.
The road won't seem so dark and long anymore

Bon voyage :)