Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well when I was reading one of my friend’s blog. I came across a poem titled “Love- Does it Hurt?” and he has argued that it doesn’t. Since I defer from his view point I wrote a reply poem to him that “Love – it hurts”

Here is his poem link

And the words within brackets in my poem are derived from his poem


When her gaze fades
your breath refuses to faze

She is all you can think
and she can never be yours in a blink

She puts a spell on you
and may make forget those around you

(You'd do anything for her...
Anything, even when she's never gonna be yours!)

Few love lift your spirit,
may you feel like flying in heaven,
which may be hell in disguise.

So beware my friend love is more pain than gain
Alas! She makes it rain on sunny day
let alone helps you to hide your tear,
when she wakes away!!!
When she wakes away !!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Parting !!!

Silent I read the lines on does love hurt?

Violent my mind starts to spin.

Sweet came her memories,

And the day we said good bye.

She is someone close to my heart

And never had I said what she meant to me

Perhaps this is why, she decided to say good bye.

Silent she said thanks for all,

And more silent she said leave my alone.

Quiet I asked why that so,

And calm she replied I won’t say.

Never I knew the reason and

I am beyond guessing horizon.

The hard I asked her to say me,

The more hard she said leave me alone.

Slowly I sunk more deep in my mental swirl,

Felt hard at me for making this fail.

Will ever I know the reason why this occurred?

Or will I remain silently conquered.

Heavy I said the good bye,

And I am all alone defeated.

Sweet are her memories

Difficult to forget and hard to ignore..

Time will heal all wounds they say

And I am hoping, the words are true.