Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Confused I stood, where the roads diverse,

Not knowing where the end meets in glee.

Thought I back where I came across the same,

And full came my memory, of the hand I held then.


The hand of light in my life of dark,

Soft it touched my palm and made my mind rest in balm.

Never had he said I should lie low,

But said I have too much to go.


What I did to get a friend like you,

Without you I would have been hew and stew.

You stood by my side, when all else ran,

And said soft and low, that I can win.


Sudden I felt a hand by my hand,

Warm rush is what I felt in my mind.

Tender he said, “Take the road, the heart asks you take,

Neither I see the end in sight, but,

Behold I will be there if it ends in plight”


Happy I took the path, preferred least by sight,

Because I know I have a shoulder to fall if I slip by fate.

Thanks my friend you mean much to me,

Too much that I can never mean in words.